PT: Revigoro as obras e projectos dos meus clientes com ilustrações e capas de livros que transmitem empatia para com o leitor. Estou disponível para contratação. Se gostaria de saber mais, entre em contacto.
EN: I invigorate my clients works and projects with illustrations and book covers that transmit empathy to the reader. I am available for hire. If you would like to enquire, please contact.
JP: 読者に気持ちが伝わるイラストレーションや本の表紙のデザインを手がける事で、クライアントの作品やプロジェクトを輝かせるお手伝いをしております。

Novo Blog... Adeus Splatters....

Olá a todos, estando agora numa fase mais profissional da minha vida decidi deixar de publicar aqui no blogger tendo me mudado de malas e bagagens para o o seguinte endereço: blog integrante do meu domínio profissional:

Espero que compreendam e que continuem a seguir-me por lá!

Um grande Abraço e Obrigada por todo o apoio e carinho ao longo dos anos!

Patricia Andrade


Hello everyone, now being in a more professional stage of my life I decided not to publish here in blogger any more having moved out with my luggage for the the following address: blog member of my professional domain:

I hope you understand and continue to follow me there!

A big hug and thank you for all the support and love over the years!

Patricia Andrade

Work for Spec?!… Seriously?!

Work for spec is probably one of the most discussed issues over the artistic community since "Joe the Caveman" decided back in 35.000 BC to splash his uncle's cave with some jumping reindeers! (...then all the troubles began to poor Joey... and to some of us.)

Is working for free such a big fuss?! Well it is when others make profit using your work and dedication...
For a serious clarification on this matter with no further jokes because this is a very serious matter that many went through or will go through eventually, I will quote AIGA’s (American Institute of Graphic Arts) description of spec work:
Speculative work — work done without compensation in the hope of being compensated, for the client’s speculation — takes a number of forms in communication design. There are five general situations in which some designers may work, by choice, without compensation:
  • SPECULATIVE OR “SPEC” WORK: work done for free, in hopes of getting paid for it
  • COMPETITIONS: work done in the hopes of winning a prize—in whatever form that might take
  • VOLUNTEER WORK: work done as a favor or for the experience, without the expectation of being paid
  • INTERNSHIPS: a form of volunteer work that involves educational gain
  • PRO BONO WORK: volunteer work done “for the public good”
For students and professionals, there may be a different line drawn on which of these constitute unacceptable practices. In each case, however, the designer and client make the decision and must accept the relevant risks. Most designers would consider the first two types to be unacceptable.
In certain design disciplines, such as architecture, advertising and broadcast design, business practices differ and professionals have been expected to participate in speculative work. This usually occurs in fields where the initial design is not the final product, but is followed by extended financial engagement to refine or execute a design. In communications design, this is often not the case. The design submitted “on spec” is all that the client is seeking.

Maybe too many companies and clients got used to "force" on artists the free design... but the ones to blame the most are not they... we are after all...

Great news!!!… Line Market Creators

Chichinha character was approved by the Line Market Creators and is now released just for you to purchase on LINE Store at the link: ChiChinha, The Lovebird 

Keep her forever with you, for your iOS or Android, LINE for NOKIA Asha, LINE for BlackBerry, LINE for Windows Phone, or LINE for FireFox.

But what\who is ChiChinha?! She is a sweet and cute lovebird, extremely active and funny, when she has the right mood! She haves a daring personality, all the time is play time for her.
With her stickers I hope to give to you and your friends a small happy smile every time you exchange messages with each others!

Were Chichinha goes from here?!… Well… all I can say for now is to keep following this small one, because she will not stay around just for the stickers, there is a entire world of fun that she will bring to you soon!

Stay in tune with us!

Vectorizing CHICHINHA character on Photoshop!

All rights belonging to "ChiChinha" are reserved to: Patrícia Andrade (also know as Pataniska)
If you wish to contact for work please use the email:

"Theme Mountain" Templates

Hi guys! Today I will bring to you once again something different than my own work, is a share if you like from some great creative minds called "Theme Mountain" they do an amazing work on templates for websites (PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS) and much more, compatible with all variety of existent browsers such as IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. They sale their amazing work on Envato Market please check them out! More Awesome themes will surely come soon!